Home of the Long Grey Line
The Crusaders
15th Annual Alumni Reunion
September 15, 2018
Millstadt, IL

The Reunion Committee met a couple weeks ago
and out of that meeting came some exciting news for
2018 along with some needed changes for 2018. The
exciting news is that the 15th annual reunion in 2018
will be FREE for all alumni, their spouses and
guests!!! This is being made possible by a very
generous offer from a former marching alumni
member who has asked to remain anonymous!!!
Thank you for such a wonderful gift to your fellow
Crusader Alumni!!!
After much discussion several changes are in store
for 2018. These changes are being made to
streamline the effort of putting this reunion together
each year. The changes are:
1. Food will be available only from 11:00 AM until
5:00 PM.
2. The main course will consist of burgers, brats, pork
steaks and fried chicken along with several sides.
This will provide a more focused approach on the
food and hopefully will provide a better eating
experience and also allow those preparing the meat
to be able to enjoy more of the actual reunion with
their fellow alumni.
3. The memorabilia tables will be available for
viewing during the same 11:00 - 5:00 time-frame.
Again this allows those with these tables to begin
packing up at a decent time.
4. Now, does this mean the reunion is over at 5:00
PM? NO!! Beverages will continue to be available
into the evening for as long as they are available and
we encourage everyone to stick around and continue
their fellowship!!
5. Entertainment is yet to be decided but will be
finalized shortly.
Come join us in 2018 for another great gathering of
The Fabulous Crusader Alumni!!!