We need your help to locate those alumni listed below.  
If you have any information please let us know at
tlm2020@charter.net.  Thanks for your help!!!
Pam Evans                                      Mae Myers

Tom Fogartly                                   Bunny Robinson

Tim Gallagher (found)                     Charles Shaw

Elmer Jackson                                 Sue Sherman

Jan Jackson                                    Tom Faust

Kevin Duggan (found)                     Judy Labbee
Dawn Shoemaker                             Rick Labbeet

Larry Webb                                      Don Woodrome

Bill Webster                                     Don Ward

Mike Wright                                     Cindy Artinger

Larry Miller                                     Gary Burnley

Vickie Vickers                                  Carla Cook

Cindy Brummitt                               Wayne Bayer

Sandy Brummitt                              Pat Conklin

Jeff Weck                                        Lynn Jondro

Bill Chicty                                        Dick Long

Sharon Huelsman                            Alan Mueller

Mike Kelly                                        Barbara Orr

Jim Martin                                       Sue Moe

Greg Mueller

Shari Randle
                                  Ken Robinson

The Crusaders
Home of the Long Grey Line