Home of the Long Grey Line
The Crusaders
Through the  courtesy of Vern Malare we have a
Crusader flag for all past members, management and
instructors to sign.  This flag will fly at all future
reunions as a reminder of those who made the
Crusaders what they were.
Thank you Vern!!
The 2018 Reunion Committee:

Mary (Bauman) Andrews - Chair
Bob Strohm
Marsha (Jefferson) Stohm
Bruce Haas
Ed Seipp
Bob Truttmann
Suzie (Spruell) Haas
Larry Kenetski
Vern Malare
Tom Munie
Terry Miles

Can we add your name to 201
8 Reunion Committee?
The 15th annual alumni reunion will be held
beginning at 11:00 AM until ???